Child Photography Poses for Stunning Kids Photography

Child Photography Poses for Stunning Kids Photography

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As camera Price in Pakistan are getting stable, more people are looking for quality gear for photography. Some of these people are parents who want to take breath taking photos of their children. No doubt children photos are exciting and bring smile to faces. It’s easy to talk about it, but taking children photographs is a completely different story.
It goes without saying that every child is beautiful and their emotions remain sincere. Even for a master photographer, making a child pose for a photo is the hardest part. They won’t follow what you say and you have to be ready when they give a sudden pose. BnW collection made a list of child photography ideas that you can try any day.


The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is to shoot from the eye level. And speaking about the smiling pose, make sure it doesn’t looks forceful or unnatural. Let your child express the emotion and capture the true essence of that happiness in that moment.


If you want to make it as natural as possible then there is nothing better than your children jumping and dancing. You can have a sofa and let your child go wild. This can also be done outside in a garden. Just keep it natural and make sure it doesn’t look forceful. Shooting from a low angle can add more value to your photo. It will feel like they are jumping higher than they could.


These are one of the easiest poses to attain. Children love toys and feel comfortable playing with them. They will look relaxed and friendly. All you need to do is gather lots of toys and let your child play with them.


At the start of our list, we said to shoot at eye level, then why are we suggesting to shoot from top? It’s always good to shoot from varies angels. Have you children sit on the floor and capture from the top, while they look at you. This can be perfect for day time shooting. You can do this both indoor and outdoor, you can have them sit on the chair or in the garden. You need to adjust camera settings for outdoor child photography.


Your child likes reading is probably the best thing ever. You can make it a memory to remember for years by capturing and framing it on the wall. Get a children book with bright pictures and let your child read freely. While he/she will look at pictures with curiosity, you have the opportunity to capture.


Finally, a pose that you can capture alone or with the family. Or you can have all your children lying straight and looking at the roof. Or lie them on their bellies and capture while they are looking at you. Just make sure you are at the right angel and not shooting nostril or anything like that. When taking from the top, put the camera strap around neck so that it doesn’t fall on them.


You will need goodies to make this happen. Bring lots of sweets for the children, their favorite chocolates or sugary candies, and have them munch on them. If your kids like fruits then this is the best opportunity for you to grab your camera and get going. If its summer, bring some watermelons and start shooting while they enjoy eating. These can be your precious possessions.

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