Dji Osmo Pocket Worth the Price?

Dji Osmo Pocket Worth the Price?

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Dji Osmo Pocket price in Pakistan has been in talks for quite some time. Some of you may think that the price is a bit overkill, let's discuss its features to help you understand why the price of DJI Osmo Pocket meets its quality.

Just like any other regular GoPro Flagship camera, it is capable of recording a video at 4K quality with a frame rate of 60fps maximum. It has a super cool time-lapse feature with a 12-megapixel range, same as a GoPro. One of many attributes that it has is the shape, easy to handle and carry around. The touch doesn't feel awkward, and it is capable of working in water.

Price and Release date

The official date of release was 15th of December, but orders start coming since November. It was launched after Cyber Monday and Black Friday, seems like the manufacturers were targeting Christmas and New Year. It is a great present for someone on upcoming holidays.  
The actual price of the product is 55,000 Rupees in Pakistan, but you can get the product in just 50,000 if you make full payment on BnW collections website. Please note this offer is only for pre orders customers after pre orders it will be back on regular price. It is almost same price as GoPro Hero 7 and offers you stabilization.

Design and Features

DJI Osmo pocket has stabilization technology, weighing 116g and measuring 121.9mm x 28.6mm x 36.9mm. It is pocket size and won’t hang your mobile device. There is a camera at the top, and you can also attach your cell phone for a better view. It has a small screen to frame better shots.
You get a 1080P default video capturing mode; however, you can set it to 4k for much better quality. It has 1/2.3 CMOS sensor, night shot & panoramic modes, face tracking, active track, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. 
It has 4.1 oz, 4.8 High Design and three motors that will capture quality videos even in a shaky situation. These features work together to make your video stable and smooth.

Specs and Video quality

Price of DJI Osmo Pocket in Pakistan seems too much at first glance but the features it offers exceed its cost. It is small but offers you high frame and high resolution per second. It is much more than what you can expect from a short, pocket-sized gimbal. 
4K resolution and 60fps at 100Mbps are a significant advantage for people who like detailed videos. You get premium quality videos even if you are walking, doesn’t matter autofocus is on or off. This is one feature that can make Vlogging easy for you. It can handle low light situations, even in slow motion at 120fps, at low resolution. You are getting great gains, just like your mobile phone but with a smooth video.

BnW Collection’s Verdict

DJI Osmo Pocket price in Pakistan may seem like too much to some, but it is the best equipment for people who want to capture detailed videos. You don't have to carry a lot of gear with you if you have this device. 
Its pocket size, has super stabilization qualities, and the resolution can even challenge some of the top products in its competition. Fluid 4K recording, high design, and amazing features make it worth the money. You can buy this in Pakistan by visiting this link here. 

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