DJI Pocket 2 The Palm Camera

DJI Pocket 2 The Palm Camera

Zainab H Nasir 15/12/2020 1208 0 0

So DJI just launched their pocket 2 which still fits in the palm of your hand, like it was supposed to. There have been some major upgrades, the gadget still packs a punch and delivers much more than its predecessor. Still boasting a video quality of 4K, and a 3-axis gimbal it comes powered with a bigger sensor.
Osmo pocket 2 sports a modular design which makes it easier than it has ever been to attach accessories on to it! The camera has been designed to fit lifestyle of those who are on the outlook for speedy, stable and happening 4k video solutions. The lens is now wider which makes for a more comprehensive view of anything that you are trying to shoot, this is a great news for all vloggers out there!
Surprisingly there are a total of four microphones installed on this tiny body, yes FOUR! All to ensure that no matter how you hold on to this device, the audio is always as clear and crisp as something this compact can possibly record. It will not be an understatement to say that there is a mic in every direction on this device, and I am quite impressed.

The most impressive bit is how the camera sensor size is bigger than iPhone 12 or the Samsung Galaxy note 20. This one is a quick and easy replacement for any cell phone that you may have used in the past, to record your simpler, basic, everyday videos.
Osmo's stabilization is unmatchable! And you can do more than just make videos with it. It's 20mm lens comes with a f/1.8 aperture making it well suited for even the trickiest light conditions. The camera can push up to 8X zoom without loss according to DJI, in its 64MP mode. The focus is sharper and faster, and the camera comes into action quicker than it did before thanks to a software upgrade.
For the price it is a great bargain, especially if you are content creator/influencer and need every day content made speedily on the go! What is also great about the upgrade is how there is a USB C port now integrated into the system, which makes it easy for you to connect your phone to the device and directly export videos on to your phone! Talk about doing it on the go.
Having a physical connection means data transfer is faster and more reliable as compared to wireless data transfer... it is in a very true sense, made for those who want to do LIFE QUICK.
If you ask me this is a great device to be used in Pakistan. A gadget that you can literally put into in your pocket and create content on the go. You can cover the news, you can make short films, you can make a vlog, it can even come handy in documentaries... the possibilities with Osmo Pocket 2 are endless.
But what's the price of Osmo Pocket 2 in Pakistan you ask? Pfft, this is where life gets even simpler. You can buy it online with a price beat policy and same day delivery and start shooting the next day! Crazy, no? Osmo Pocket 2 in Pakistan is made for doers by those who understand how quick life moves, delivered by those who understand time is everything!

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