DJI RS 2 vs DJI RSC 2 - Which One is Best

DJI RS 2 vs DJI RSC 2 - Which One is Best

Zainab H Nasir 11/11/2020 366 0 0

DJI is on fire these days, there were rumors spreading and leaked images seeping in from all over the place, but the wait is now finally over! DJI has officially launched what all this hype was about.

DJI’s Ronin has a cult following of the sorts and why shouldn’t it with products that good it’s a film makers best friend, all you have to do is grab a Ronin and a lot of camera movements (Impossible before) become a possibility, instantaneously.

The line has progressed since its initial launch in 2014, and has become more advanced with time integrating features such as better stabilizers, the bodies are stronger and lighter whereas there have been significant ergonomic improvements making it more comfortable and easier to use.

The battery is quick to charge and is an excellent choice for when you are in the run, for instance on a travel or on a guerilla shoot… a basic 15 minutes charge guarantees a 2 hours battery life which is too good to be true!

Difference Between DJI RS 2 and DJI RSC 2

DJI has launched two models simultaneously the DJI RS 2 and the DJI RSC 2. RSC 2 is designed for mirror less, is more compact, lighter and comes in handy for when you are in a rush and are looking for lighter options but remember the limitations this one comes with.  
RS2 is however a more advanced and feature packed version out of the two, and by using carbon fiber DJI has been able to really cut down the weight on this widget, making it handier and even easier to move around with. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that it helps you be so fluid in your camera movements without any expensive additional rigs that it’s almost as if you’re going hand held with a lot of stability.  

Extremely simple to operate and quick to set up, this device was engineered to help film makers adapt to their imagination and further empower them into not letting anything restrict them from filming their narratives to the fullest!
This is the future of visuals, the compact yet powerful device is easy to integrate into any workflow and works wonders. The fine tune knob adapts quickly and with little moderation is able to get balanced. The updated axis lock makes it easier for the gadget to be transported, it easily fits into a hard case and can be carried anywhere! What more is it's compatible with various manfrotto and acra-swiss models making for an excellent means of dual layer camera mounting, can you imagine the possibilities?

DJI rs2 gimbal price in Pakistan with its built-in, high resolution color touchscreen display gives the operator quick access to camera gimbal settings, camera data and DJI’s signature ACTIVE track and intelligent shooting modes. This same 1.4” screen also lets one start a live feed and supports 11 different languages!

There is also a built-in front dial right above the trigger which allows for one to have precision in focus, and with the wheel mounted over the RSA port it doubles for a two channel focus. Not to forget DJI has also made this device to be compatible with sliders and jibs, and a variety of remote controllers and grips.

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