GoPro Hero 9 - Super hero or just another hero in a RED cape

GoPro Hero 9 - Super hero or just another hero in a RED cape

Zainab H Nasir 23/10/2020 893 0 0

While GoPro Hero 9 has got to be the most versatile action camera money can put in your hands for most people hero 8 will still be a true winner. If you're a go pro/ sports camera enthusiast you should however immediately and definitely make the purchase.

The added features are cherries on an irresistible pie if you're a vlogger, for it doesn't get any better than this!

The small camera that everyone underestimated at first has always proven to be a beast... With it's all new sensor and powerful features as a dynamic front display so much more is now possible. Just imagine the possibilities! One waterproof, tiny 5K producing device, right in your hands!

It won't be an over statement to say NO other action cameras can even come close to matching the Hero 9 Black's heroism, but hero 8 sure will give it a run for its money.

In this time and age of internet you’d be a fool to get scammed in the streets of Saddar but truth to be told even after all these years still, sometimes people manage to rip me off… because well you will never what the actual price of Gopro hero 9 price in Pakistan will continue to be a mystery, this is where BnW always comes in. Their price beat policy brings me peace and assurance that I am paying the lowest possible price for a genuine product. Film making is tricky as it is, added with having to worry about buying the right products for your use imagine being burdened with an over whelming challenge of getting ripped off by just about anyone over the smallest purchases you have made!
GoPro is the gold standard in action cameras for the film and TV industry, ever since its takeover some 15 years ago, there has been no looking back!

Here are 5 get reasons to get a Go Pro!

1. Get it if you are an avid traveler!
Handy, functional and can help you save all those memories.

2. Get it if you are in to vlogging!
There has been no better camera ever made for you! Great to be used as a sports camera and even better as a vlogging camera, where ever you maybe… telling your story just couldn’t get easier.
3. Get it if you are into indie films.
Make your own low budget films, in 5k and push out your limits in all directions!
4. Get it if you are looking for a small camera with BIG quality that can go in any pocket. You don’t need deep pockets to buy this or even keep this!
5. Get it if you have been meaning to purchase a Go Pro for the longest time but never have really come to making the purchase. Now is an excellent time to have a GoPro on you, with changing times and the constant demand for new and fresh content on the rise this investment can and will pay off if done right!

Ladies and Gents, it is high time to grab your Gopro hero 9 in Pakistan and make the most of it and your life!

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