Sigma Art Lenses – Photography Quality Exceeds Expectations!

Sigma Art Lenses – Photography Quality Exceeds Expectations!

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Sigma art lenses are those camera lenses that the veteran photographers have been waiting for as they are sure to deliver the best photography solutions to enhance quality photos of the professional photographers. In this series, Sigma has launched many lenses and all of them are ready to beat all the existing rivals in the camera lens segment. After experiencing the quality level of Sigma art lenses, the users have come up saying these lenses are actually about time indeed.

Good things about Sigma Art Lenses –

  • It features a good build quality with great design
  • Great throw distance and flawless focus ring
  • Comes with a rubber gasket across the mount of the lens
  • Performs well with MP high sensors
  • Latest AF motor.

Bad Things About Sigma Art Lenses –

  • A little uncomfortable lens to be held for photographers having small hands
  • Heavy
  • 86mm large filter size.

How Sigma Art Lenses Feel At The First –

These lenses come with a top notch packaging. In the box, the users will find lens documentation and warranty label. There is a great padded case sits below that strongly holds the sigma lenses as well as lens hood.

If we compare sigma art lenses with other sigma lenses, you will find art lenses the real beast. It is not just wider and taller, but also works at an unmatchable filter solution. With this lens series, the Sigma lenses have levelled the competition with Canon and Nikon lenses and also other leading lens brands.

Photography Test Performance –

To find out how Sigma art lenses perform at photo shooting, we took photography with some leading lenses and Sigma art lenses. For consistent results, we performed the test photography with various leading lenses altogether. As a result, we found that Sigma art lenses featured a great portrait photography due to its amazing focal length. In addition, these lenses proved the beset when we tested few critical things that most of the buyers consider while shopping for these lenses like chromatic aberration, close-focus distance and bokeh.

What We Used For Shooting Setup –

A Tripod

A Subject

A white-board which was placed around 4 feet away from LED string lights.

To make the chromatic aberration clearer, we used Macro LED light for our next image. Ultimately, we found that all of the three lenses displayed chromatic aberration at f/1.4 shot; however the Sigma lenses had not appeared as alike as Nikon or Canon lenses.

After that, we made a comparison in the bokeh straight balls.

When we tried capturing a picture of a person wide open along with an interrupting background, all the lenses started obliterating its background. There had been some clear differences between all of these 3 lenses.

So, it was concluded that the results of 3 lenses were different immensely. Both Canon and Sigma lenses are heavy and big sized; however the Nikon lens is smaller and is not that heavier. Its plastic like body makes it lighter than Sigma and Canon. A certain drawback of Canon lens is its short size as we found ourselves turning its focus ring constantly while attempting to hold lenses accidently.

While using autofocus feature, we found that the Canon and Sigma lenses are quite silent in nature; however the Nikon lens is a bit louder. Unquestionably, at manual focus, the Sigma art lenses win the game. Though the Canon features electronic manual focus in which focus ring can easily move and faces zero resistance. Moreover, the Nikon lens has a better pull; however still it looks extremely easy to move. Here appears Sigma as the best because it benefits the users with its large diameter of its focus ring. It has smooth nice pull and resistance same as Zeiss lenses.

Real Video & Photo Shooting Results –

When we used these lenses to shoot real world photography, we had amazing results from Sigma art series lenses. Although, at that time, the weather was not that favorable, yet we managed to click pictures worth comparison. At that time, we found that Sigma Lenses had smooth and really quick autofocus. It was faster than the Canon lens, but quite same as the Nikon lens. It featured a tack sharp center and also nice corner sharpness. Moreover, a little sharpness was lost to its extreme colors, yet we did not find anything that much noticeable.

Final Verdict About Sigma Art Lenses –

After reviewing Sigma Art lenses at different parameters with 2 leading lenses of the time, we came to a conclusion that this lens series is a blasting photography solution for veteran photographers. It is such a wonderful experience to use these lenses. No doubt, it is heavier than its rival lenses, yet there are many exciting features that make it a winner in lenses segment. The optical quality of Sigma art lenses carries the real Art designation. The focal length and focus ring of these lenses are awesome and thus, we found that these lenses are the best purchase for all types of photographers.

So, if you have photography assignments in hands for portrait photography, weddings, street photography of long range and indoor sports, then you can find a great photography results by choosing sigma art lenses. Comes at cheaper price than Nikon and Canon lenses, these lenses are best buy for photographers today. So, when you seek quality lenses, don’t look further but Sigma art lenses are your ideal solution.

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