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Why It’s Good to Go Back To The Start With Photography Basics
If you’re a sports fan like me, there is always a time you’re favourite team are not doing so well, their results are poor and their form is on a downward spiral.
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Understanding the Exposure Triangle
For newbie’s with bridge/DSLR cameras, they must be wondering what the words, iso, shutter speed and aperture mean. The following 3 terms can be described as an exposure triangle.
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Understanding Shutter Speed
Quiet obvious from its name, this function operates whenever you hear that ‘click’ sound. The speed of this function varies from device to device.
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3 Quick Tips on How to Take Proper Care of Your Camera
DSLR Cameras require a lot of attention. They are expensive to buy and require a lot of time to keep them tidy, and in good working condition.
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Common Uses of Filters in Photography
The word “filters” has a different meaning to many photographers, it depends on what your level of involvement is. Are you a professional, getting started or just do photography as a hobby?
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