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5 Steps to become a Professional Photographer
Photography is an expensive hobby. If you don’t know what you are getting into then it cannot not only hurt your pocket but also become frustrating in the end.
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Understanding The Use Of Lenses In Photography
These days just turning up with a camera is not going to get you the best pictures. I get to speak to many photographers some amateur and some professional.
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A Closer Look into The World of Underwater Photography
Underwater photography is a very interesting aspect of photography. You won’t find many underwater photographers these days and it’s almost become a specialised niche in itself.
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Why It’s Good to Go Back To The Start With Photography Basics
If you’re a sports fan like me, there is always a time you’re favourite team are not doing so well, their results are poor and their form is on a downward spiral.
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5 Things that Every DSLR Camera Needs
The First Thing a DSLR wants is to feel Comfortable, and what better way of doing that without providing a proper bag?
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