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Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR – A Great Photography Tool!
Photography and videography are a big industry that belongs to several tools, equipment and accessories. The light meter is one of the most useful photography accessories that contribute greatly to take the best shots in different environments. Sekonic Light Meter L-478DR is a fantastic product that accompanies a big and intuitive colour 2.7 inches touchscreen LCD. It also has an inbuilt power control radio flash.
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What is Kelvin White Balance
Indeed, the great and professional photographers know that how they have to maximize and attain the white balance in the pictures to bring the true colors in the pictures. Ensuring white balance in your photography makes you a great photographer.
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Newly Launched Product by DJI Called DJI Ronin S
DJI has launched their new stabilizers which everyone is talking about these days. The launched products are the new Osmo Mobile 2 for smartphones and the stylish and ultra-premium quality 3 axis stabilizer Ronin S for DSLRs and portable cameras.
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The Best Gifts to Buy for Photographers in 2018
A photographer loves a good camera. However, the camera is never the only one to account for excellent pictures. It is the accessories that enable any photographer to perform better. We have some excellent gift ideas for your Henry Cartier-Bresson.
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How to Shoot Like Pro A Using Smart Phones
Smartphones are getting way better than before which also ensures a great improvement in the camera quality. Nowadays people can easily take Pro pictures by just using their smartphones.
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