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Today, the photography arena has completely evolved. The new advancements which are already known to all of us have taken the level of photography to the greatest heights. Therefore, to make your fortune in photography or cinematography field, you have to be abreast of these advancements. Tripod is one of the most prominent and influential examples of photography advancement. Introduced in 1880, today, Tripod has become a requisite equipment for photographers or filmmakers. Considering its great usages, almost every professional photographer uses a range of tripods from portrait photo studio to mobile-based tripods and a majority of the successful professionals prefer shooting pictures with the camera mounted tripod.

It helps to keep the camera steady when the exposure is the surest, direct and simplest. Thus, they help to deliver the outstanding quality of the photos. Though every photographer understands that the robust tripod helps them getting sharper photos while shooting at low shutter speeds. Thus, they offer an easy approach to composing portraits or landscapes. The thing that makes this device versatile is its comfortable design that allows the videographers to make films with an ease.

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Manfrotto 190 ALU 4-S Tripod

Manfrotto 190 ALU 4-S Tripod Price & SpecsThe black, redesigned MT190XPRO4 Aluminum Tripod&..

₨.23,400.00 Ex Tax:₨.23,400.00

Nest NT-777 Professional Tripod

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₨.12,900.00 Ex Tax:₨.12,900.00

Portable Table Tripod

Portable Table Tripod Price & SpecsStyle: Lightweight TripodModel Number : M-225+CK-30Material :..

₨.6,000.00 Ex Tax:₨.6,000.00

Slik Tripod F630

Slik Tripod F630 Price & SpecsThe Slik F630 Tripod is a complete tripod with panhead,designed to..

₨.2,100.00 Ex Tax:₨.2,100.00
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