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Macro Photography

Macro Photography is a kind of specialism in photography that veteran photographers tend to engage in. The basic use of this kind of photography is to take extreme close-ups of small objects. To capture photographs of living insects or wildlife photography, Macro photography comes as the best solution. As it captures small objects, yet the pictures enlarge the size of that object giving the viewers a clearer sight of it. To bring desired effects in Macro Photography, a specific set of photography tool and equipment is being used. BnW Collections is a specialised store for professional photographers; hence, we have all the required tools and solutions for Macro photography too.

Check out our online store – BnW Collections and find the best suiting product for your Macro photography project. Buy our Macro extension tubes that come with auto focus feature from our online store and improve your photography skills right away. Taking shots from these tools will surely give a great surprise to the viewers who will see your captured photos.

BnW Collections knows the secrets and requirements of Macro Photography; hence, it presents almost a whole spectrum of photography solutions to provide ease and perfection to its customers. Our collection for Macro photography includes focusing rail, extension tubes manual and auto focus extension tubes. Depending on your needs, you can grab the required solutions from the comfort of your own home and we will deliver the products at your doorsteps in Karachi Pakistan.

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4 Way Focusing Rail

4 Way Focusing Rail Price & SpecsFocusing rail is an important accessory for macro photography...

₨.4,000.00 Ex Tax:₨.4,000.00

Macro Extension Tubes (Auto Focus)

Macro Extension Tubes (Auto Focus) Price & SpecsShortens Minimum Focus Distance of LensProvides ..

₨.6,500.00 Ex Tax:₨.6,500.00

Macro Extension Tubes (Manual)

Macro Extension Tubes (Manual) Price & SpecsShortens Minimum Focus Distance of LensProvides Macr..

₨.2,000.00 Ex Tax:₨.2,000.00

Macro LED Ring Flash

Macro LED Ring Flash Price & SpecsThis RF- 550D Marco LED Ring Flash is specially designed to us..

₨.4,600.00 Ex Tax:₨.4,600.00

Yongnuo YN-14EX-C Macro TTL Ring Lite for Canon

Yongnuo YN-14EX-C Macro TTL Ring Lite for Canon Price & SpecsCompatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL..

₨.10,500.00 Ex Tax:₨.10,500.00

Yongnuo LED Macro Ring Flash

Yongnuo LED Macro Ring Flash Price & SpecsA high-efficiency circuit design keeps the stability o..

₨.5,800.00 Ex Tax:₨.5,800.00

Yongnuo YN-14M Macro Ring Flash Light

Yongnuo YN-14M Macro Ring Flash Light Price & Specs1. RING TYPE DOUBLE LAMP MACRO FLASHSupports ..

₨.9,500.00 Ex Tax:₨.9,500.00
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