DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

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DJI Mavi Pro Fly More Combo: The major highlights of this product are Transmission technolog: OcuSync.Stabilized by: Gimbal.Camera: 12MP/4K camera.Control Range: 4.3 milesFlight Time: 27 minutes.Navigation system: GPS and vision position ...

DJI Mavi Pro Fly More Combo:

The major highlights of this product are

  • Transmission technolog: OcuSync.
  • Stabilized by: Gimbal.
  • Camera: 12MP/4K camera.
  • Control Range: 4.3 miles
  • Flight Time: 27 minutes.
  • Navigation system: GPS and vision position based.
  • Obstacle detection.
  • GO app for control and monitoring.
  • Top Speed: 40mph
  • Subject tracking mode.
  • Gesture and tap based commands.

This mavic features the advance flight control system due to host of sensor, it includes ground facing camera, GPS, ultrasound and dual redundant IMUS in order to track where it is flying in 3D space to avoid any kind of collision. The Mavic can be controlled using DJI Go mobile app. You can access the settings, view the low latency video and even editing and sharing the footage is also possible.  It have traditional style controls like joy stick and you can also fly it using tap based commands or through gesture of hands.

In addition to the mavic pro you will get the stand accessories, flight batteries, battery charging hub and a shoulder bag. Some important features are discussed below

Long Range flying:

There is a technology named as OcuSync that is a long range technology and it is capable of relaying the signal upto 4.3 miles. This 4.3 miles distance can be achieved when the line of sight is achieved. It also supports 720p and 1080p HD transmission when flying in short range mode.  Whenever you flew the ocusync firstly it searches for all the available frequencies and then it select the most appropriate frequency that have least interference.  This features allows you to control it more tightly with DJI GO app.  Ocusync also provides you the important and vital statics of the mavic in real time and it also allows you to download the photo with 40Mbps data rate.

The design of this mavic is optimized and it is best suitable design that will work efficient in any kind of air pressure.  The optimized propulsion system provides the longer flight time. In ideal conditions it provides 27 minutes flight time while in average condition it provides 21 minutes flight time.

Integrated Camera and Gimbal:

·         3 Axis Gimbal stabilizer :

3 Axis Gimbal stabilizer is one of the major feature through which you will get the smooth video. It have 3 brushless motors in it and due to advance algorithm  the camera moves in opposite direction thus cancelling out any unwanted movement.

·         DCI&UHD 4k and full HD video:

The mavic camera is shooting 4k video with 4096x2160 resolution with 30 frames per second.  It can also shot full HD video in 1080p with 96 frames per second.  The minimum focusing distance is about 19”. It makes it perfect for taking such kind of aerial selfies and landscape shots.

·         Active Track Subject tracking modes:

When you have active the active tracking mode then you done need to do anything else. No GPS or transmitter is required. The Mavic is programmed in a way that it can detect and recognize multiple common subjects such as bike riders, people and even animal. Once you have selected your subject then you can freely fly it around that subject.  You can even select where you want the subject on the frame.There are 3 modes available those are

·         Trace – In this mode mavic follow the subject from behind or  from front.

·         Profile- in this mode the mavic will fly alongside the subject.

·         Spotlight—In this mode the camera moves above the  subject almost anywhere.


·         12MP Raw/JPEG Still photos:

The still photos that you took using Mavic can easily be zoomed in as much as you can zoom the 12MP picture.  The pictures are usually submitted in DNG raw format thus you can also flip the camera for 90 degrees in order to get the portrait oriented shots.

·         Selfie Mode with gesture:

Most incredible feature of this Mavic is that you can get the natural selfie. In order to enable this mode you just have to turn on the mavic gesture mode and then you just walk in front of it.  The mavic will automatically detect any kind of raise of hands, you can even wave it to follow you.  When you are ready to get picture you just have to make a box shape with your finger and then you have 3 seconds to make a pose because lens will strike with in 3 seconds.

·         Tripod Mode:

In tripod mode caps the mavic the maximum speed is about 2.2 mph.  The control strick is there which allows you to take more control with precision.  This mode is also very suitable for indoor or movement in other small space.

Flight Control System:

·         Flight Autonomy:

The flightautonomy is the brain of the mavic and it is composed of complex network of hardware and software. It includes 5 cameras, ultrasonic range finder, GPS/GLONASS, redundant sensor and the group of 2 dozen CPU for processing and fusing all the information.

·         Navigation System:

The mavic have the capability to position itself in the range of environment. Using optical flow technology  the single camera is facing down wards and it is assumed that ground below it always flat.  Mavic can sense the environment in 3 dimension space. It ensures that it will hover slowly and steadily in any kind of place.

·         Precision Landing:

The precision landing technology means that mavic is capable of landing automatically exactly from the place where you took off. Every time the mavic take a flight it take the burst of the video  of ground and pair it towards satellite coordinates.  Whenever you told the mavic to return home it will return back to the exact coordinates from where it take  flight.

·         Collision Avoidance:

Whenever the mavic took a flight first it scans the place around it and then create a 3D map that tells it exactly where to fly and what to avoid. Vision processing algorithms are used and it can accurately measure the distance up to 49’ and it can see upto 98’ in front. This features increases its significance and whenever the mavic detects the obstacle coming from front then it will simply update the route and change it. If mavic is not able to find any other way around then it will stop their and gently hover until you will tell it what to do.

This collision avoidance system is activated in every intelligent flight mode that includes all active track, terrain follow and tapfly mode.  Even if you select the automatic return to the home this collision avoidance mode is enabled again.  This avoidance feature is very effective when flying at the speed of 22mph.

·         Sport mode:

This mode is designed for fun it give Mavic the tio speed of 40mph. All the responsiveness and abilities are enabled and this gives you the taste of drone racing.  It is also useful to take the fast shot and even in this mode mavic will stop immediately if you let go of the controls.

·         Dual Sensor Redundancy

During flight mavic uses the compass to tell where it is heading and inertial measurement units tell it that how it is flying. It is considered that interruption in any of this data flow may cause less reliability in flying. In order to provide more reliability mavic have two set of compass and IMU.  Whenever system detects inconsistency in the flight it will shift to the second one.

·         Terrain Flow

Whenever you are flying over terrain such as following bikers those are riding uphill then mavic terrain follow function use the height information collected by ultrasonic system. The camera that is facing downwards keep the mavic to fly at same height whether ground is moving. You just have to set the height from the ground such like 9 to 33’  and then leave it to mavic it will follow the same terrain and you just have to focus on right shot.


DJI GO Mobile APP:

This DJI Go mobile app is the control center of your mavic.  Whenever your device or phone is connected to the mavic it will display everything that camera is seeing in real time. Using this app you can frame and setup every single shot. It will also gives you full manual control over camera such as ISO, videos, shutter and even the file format.  You can also fine tune it so that it will fly exactly how you want.

·         Fly by Phone:

A single phone with DJI Go mobile app is enough to fly the mavic.  Mavic also support flying through your phone while using virtual joysticks. You have access to the entire intelligent flight mode such as trace, tap fly, profile, circle and spotlight.

·         Tap Fly:

Whenever you tap your phone the software detects it and translates your tap in some heading. It means whether you want to climb up or down. If you want to change the direction then just simply somewhere else on screen and mavic will turn around towards new destination.

·         Shoot, Edit Share:

There are different automatic video editing template, easy photo and video management and simple video edition functions. You just have to bring the right tools together and you can easily make the best video just using your phone. All you have to do is to choose the best shots and then leave it to the software it will make a beautiful video that you can easily share on any kind of social media.

·         DJI Goggle Compatibility:

There are separate available DJI goggles those are FPV goggle and they are totally designed for flying immersive. The two featured LTPS displays with 1080p resolution and 85 degree angle give the beautiful bird eye view around you. The built in OcuSync technology give you the direct link to the mavic.  This wireless connectivity only gives the delay of 120 miliseconds.

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