DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

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Quick Overview

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter With a sleek new design and magnesium unibody construction, a dynamic range of enhancing video Modes and avoidance sensor dynamic with two points of contact gimbal point are just a few features of DJI which were i...

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

With a sleek new design and magnesium unibody construction, a dynamic range of enhancing video Modes and avoidance sensor dynamic with two points of contact gimbal point are just a few features of DJI which were introduced with Phantom 4 quadcopter.  Due to efficiency in IPM intelligent Management System, the quadcopter is now increased 28 minutes of its flying time. Its camera shots UHD 4K(3480*2160) at up to 30 fps and DCI 4k(4096*2160) video at 24/25 fps. In 1080 resolution there is also a 120 fps mode which is helpful in slow motion effects. The camera can also take 12MP still photos in their DNG RAW or in JPEG with a single shot and also with time lapse mode and much more.

Computerized flight control is not a new thing now but in Phantom 4 it is the first time that Phantom has given some additional pair of eyes with other awesome features, these front-facing visual sensors enable the obstacle avoidance mode while during its automatic return to home, it also allows it to track a subject. Phantom 3 and advances have a GPS feature which provides navigation. Same as in Phantom 4 it provides vision position. The quadcopter can move up to 44.7mph speed. This is an enough speed to follow some moving vehicle and subject as skier hurling shown the slopes. As you also want to slow down suddenly as per your subject movement, the active braking helps the quadcopter to stop immediately.

Flight Control System

GPS Navigation

Due to the complexity associated with some multi-rotor aircraft, the Phantom 4 relies on a GPS-based navigation system. It also gives a fully manual operation and to maintain flight stability it drawing upon up to 24 satellites.

Vision Positioning System for indoor Navigation

VPS or vision positioning system uses dual downward cameras. It also includes dual ultrasonic sensors to provide stability function indoors. It is close to the ground up to 32.8 degrees as GPS does it usually outdoors. Phantom 4 allows this technology to holds its location and stops it while the controls are released. It also provides quick response to pilot commands even when the GPS is unavailable.

Sense and Avoid

A small camera is mounted above each leg of the aircraft which allows it to detect an obstacle fastly in the flight path. Active obstacle avoidance will allow the aircraft to move around of fly upwards to avoid the obstacle. The pilot will also receive visual and audible warnings when an obstacle is in front of the flight path. This feature will also activate when you set the aircraft to return to home.

Touch Controlled Flying

TapFly mode will let you use the power of touch to easy flight control. When the mode is activated you simply have to touch the screen of a connected smartphone or tablet and the Phantom 4 will began to drive in the gave direction. If the obstacle appears in the flight path the auto sense and avoid feature of quadcopter will be activated automatically and it will either bring the camera to stop or avoid the obstacle completely.

Active Track Visual Tracking

Its built-in camera is combined with the object recognition technology which allows the Phantom 4 to lock onto and also track a three-dimensional subject. For this purpose jus tap onInstagramthe subject which appears on the camera to lock onto and then left the rest to Phantom 4 and it will move with your subject while it appears in the middle of your screen.

Optimized Flight Modes

Change the Phantom 4 flight mode as per your requirement or task at hand.


It is a standard flight mode with positioning control feature also have visual and tracking features.


It adds extra amount or burst of speed.


It helps to hold the Phantom 4 level and altitude and switch off the satellite positioning which helps to take shots in smooth tracking for filmmakers.

Automatic Flight Logs

This feature of Phantom 4 is very useful as it remembers every detail of the flight and logs automatically, also records complete route duration, location, distance and speed tracking. Also, you can take a look at the videos and photos captured during that flight are t your fingertips for future reference. In the same time, the advanced recorder will constantly record the data from an internal mechanism which can be easily shared with DJI support team.


Enhanced Aerodynamics and Stability

Lightweight magnesium unibody core of Phantom 4 and its streamlined body combine to create a responsive and smooth flying experience with precise and predictable movements. Integrated gimbal is moved more closely to the body which shifts the center of gravity of quadcopter’s core and boosts the stability even further.

High-Speed Flight and Braking

Set your a mode to a sport and enjoy a new level of thrill, it enables the top speed of 40mph. it allows you to capture fast moving subjects than all previous generation Phantom models. Phantom 4 camera actives braking to capture fast moving subjects.

Flight Time

Large capacity battery and high-efficiency motors let you enjoy 28 minutes of more flight time without the GPS active.

Push and release propellers

Every prop is easy to install and is very fast. When you are done flying pop them off which helps the phantom 4 to be packed away in a compact case such as a backpack.

Gimbal Stabilized 4K Camera

It captures up to 4K video and 12mp stills. Whether just shooting for fun or cinematography the phantom 4 gives you an opportunity to capture DCI-spec 4K(4096*2160) at 24 or 25 fps and UHD 4K(3840*2160) at up to 30fps. At 120fps the full HD mode recording will be enabled and it is ideal for capturing slow motion effects. The video is also recorded at full quality camera using A microSDHC/XC card in the H.264 codec.

12MP RAW Photos

Instead of just video recording with the camera, you can also use it to capture photos at 12mp stills. It supported the DNG RAW, as well as JPEG, time lapse, HDR mode and much more, are available. In addition to single shot:

DCI 4K(4096 x 2160):24p,25p

UHD 4K(3840 x 2160):24p,25p,30p

2.7K(2704 x 1520): 24p,25p,30p

1080p(1920 x 1080):24p,25p,30p,48p,50p,60p,120p

720p (1280 x 720):24p,25p,30p,48p,50p,60p

Professional Video Color Profiles

Under high contrast lighting such as in sunlight or outdoors you will gain more profit by high dynamic range with a flat response curve which gives maximum detail to work. At this end the phantom 4 features if D-Log and Cine-D modes help to increase the dynamic range and flatten the image.

94 Degree Wide Angle Lens

The lens is featuring in f/2.8 aperture and is consists of 9 elements which includes a spherical element. Having 94-degree wide angle view of a lens, which is way narrower angle than fisheye for less distortion. But it is still wide enough to enable capturing for establishing shots.

Reinforced Gimbal

After the update from the previous designs, gimbal supports both sides of the camera. These sides are secured by the U shape of the frame designed to keep the footage stable even in high winds. Being coupled with custom-designed dampers which do not allow the vibrations of the motors to transfer it to the camera. Its magnesium body gives it stability due to its lightweight.


    Live monitoring and control

    View to line up the perfect shot

    From camera, you can watch live HD video feed on your screen.

    YouTube Live Streaming

    Instant video downloading

    You can also share your flight live with your family and friends around the world by streaming it live on YouTube.

    This live streaming will automatically save to your mobile device.

    In-App editing

    Common Media library

    You can also apply preset templates

    All these videos and photos will be saved in one place make it easy to share.

Share on Social Media

You can share your best work on SkyPixel, which is dedicated platform for aerial photographers. GO app also connects you to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumbler for quick sharing.

Live Map and radar

    You can also log exactly the same place you filming and can see your flight platform on a live map.

    Achievements and detailed records.

    You can review your preferences directly in the GO App.

    DGIGO app also records the telemetry data of your flight.

    Have interactive flight simulator.

    You can also practice your flight and skills anywhere you like.

    Easily and safe control quadcopter.

Other Features

    Built-in redundancies

    Dual internal measurement units and dual compass modules allowing the phantom 4 to constantly check the data it is receiving. It helps you ignore any type of incorrect data without affecting your flight.

Beginner Mode

Beginners can gain confidence by flying it low and close to your range. This beginner mode helps the new pilots to improve their skills quickly. With adjustable maximum height and distance, you can increase it as your skills improved.

Customizable Remote Controller

You can customize all the controls on Phantom 4 up to your flying needs and style from the given control stick sensitivity to the functionality of the buttons.

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