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Dollar Affecting Camera Prices in Pakistan: Your Best Options

Dollar Affecting Camera Prices in Pakistan: Your Best Options
Posted By: M.Waqas Published: 16/08/2019 Times Read: 84 Comments: 0

Every Photographer nowadays knows how camera prices in Pakistan are increasing. It has never been easy for both customers and dealers, in June-July, 2019 dollar to Pakistani rupee fluctuated a lot, and the customer was at the receiving end of this turmoil. But not to worry, things are getting better slowly, and prices are becoming stable. The dollar has not changed much since the last few weeks and chances are Pakistan is going to make great progress in the coming days. We don't know what future has it for us, and if you want a camera, we suggest you do not wait for the right time, grab it before it is too late.

The international market is also changing, and affordable cameras are becoming a thing of the past. Even if the value of Pakistani rupee gets better, if international rates go higher, there won't have a significant difference in the price. This is the reason why you should grab your favorite equipment before it becomes unaffordable. BnW collections gives you prices that no other store in Pakistan will offer. In these changing times, people don't have many options; we have made a list of beginner to mid-range cameras that you can buy under your budget.

Affordable Mid-Range DSLRs in Pakistan

As we discussed earlier, how DSLR camera prices in Pakistan are changing, and people don't have many options. If you are really serious about taking photography as a hobby or want to make it a career, you have to find cameras under your budget. Some people may not find them cheap in the current dollar rate, but we have tried our best to offer you value for your money. Your best bet is the Canon EOS series, and the models that you can buy are 1200D, 1300D, and 700D. People who want to go one step higher, they can go for EOS 200D; it is highly popular among YouTubers and Vloggers. In Mid-range category you can also go for EOS 750D and EOS 800D. Some of these models may be discontinued, but people at BnW collections will do their best to deliver you the camera that you desire.

Mirrorless Cameras for Vloggers

These cameras are already considered expensive because of their features, and with dollar rates going up, they are nearly unfordable for People in Pakistan. Enthusiasts never let bad times affect their passion. To keep your passion alive, BnW collections has brought mirrorless cameras at the most affordable price in Pakistan. You can go for Canon EOS M series, Sony Alpha, Lumix DMC series, and Nikon. You can buy one from these models under 80,000 thousand rupees.

Action Cameras

If you look a couple of years back, people had limited options in Action cameras, but now there are more advanced ones with features like stabilization. These cameras are best for people who are always in action, moving or recording something on the go. You can also use these for daily vlogs and much more. The quality options available to the public are DJI's new Action camera and GoPro 7. You can buy one of these under 65k budget.

360-Degree Cameras

These are some of the most advanced gadgets to capture everything around you. Some people find these hard to use, but you won't regret your decision of buying one. A couple of years in the past, it was almost impossible to buy a quality 360-degree camera in Pakistan, but now companies want to come to Pakistan because of a great response from the locals. The best option in 360 Degree is Insta360 ONE X; they are currently ruling their category. You can buy one under 60 thousand in Pakistan, but as every Pakistani already know the price may change based on the current Dollar rate. BnW collections will try its best to keep it affordable for the customers.

Compact Digital Cameras in Pakistan

Changing digital camera prices in Pakistan has affected the whole industry, including point-and-shoot snapshot machines. These devices are much more affordable and best for families or photographers who don't want to carry to much burden. Point-and-shoot come in different shapes and sizes; you can choose one based on your preference. Beginners and mid-level experts can find a decent compact digital camera under 50K from brands like Nikon, Olympus, Canon, Lumix, and more. Prices may change tomorrow, but if you buy today from BnW collections, you will be saving a lot of money.

Gimbal for Photography

These are among the essential accessories for filmmakers and Vloggers. Gimbal can help you capture cinematic videos for your audience. Cameras nowadays come with various features like stabilization and slow-Mo, but a gimbal is totally on another level. They are much smoother and make your videos look dreamy. DJI is one of the top companies producing quality Gimbals, one of their recent release is Osmo pocket that you can carry in your pocket. Price range is different for each brand; a decent Gimbal in the current market situation will be under 60K rupees in Pakistan.


The scope of photography is increasing, so does the camera prices in Pakistan. The international market is trying to come up with more affordable products for their audience, but the situation is not getting better in Pakistan because of the dollar rate. Still, there are cameras that you can buy at a reasonable price, these may increase or decrease in future, but if you buy today it will benefit you in case prices increase. If you have decided to buy one, let us know. BnW collections will help you pick the most affordable camera & accessories for your need.


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