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Rangefinder Lenses

Rangefinder Lenses

The Rangefinder lenses offer a more enhanced photo quality as compared to that of SLR. It is somewhat because of no availability of flipping mirror. Hence, lenses are designed in a way that the back lenses are not required to remove from the plane image to eradicate the issue of hitting the mirror. While using the wide-angle camera lenses, it enables the photographer to adjust lens whose back elements feature higher proximity to a plane image. As a result, the rangefinder wide-angle lenses appear to be smaller, sharper and encourage less distortion as compared to an average SLR camera lenses.

In addition, due to the absence of flipping mirror, it causes less vibration that leads to less blur shots. At the speed of 1/30 to 1/8, the SLR mirrors may cause blurred pictures even with tripod, but by using mirror lock-up, it does not cause blur images. Therefore, we get more precise shots with Rangefinder lenses whether you use wide lenses or normal lenses.

These lenses are lighter and smaller because there are no flipping mirrors, prisms and focus screens. You can easily find rangefinder lenses in tiny sizes because of the absence of flipping mirror which often occupies the space.

You can easily find wide to super ultra-wide rangefinder lenses which come at different price range. BnW collections introduce a spectacular range of Rangefinder lenses to make photographers feel confident while capturing photos and videos on their cameras. Check out our collection that has a dedicated section for Rangefinder Lenses in which you find lenses from varied brands at different price range. Buying lenses from our online platform is the most reliable, easiest and the best way to grab the best products at the best rates.

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