At BnW Collections, we present an exclusive range of video and photo production equipment to allow professionals to achieve their desired effect in their shots. Every equipment we have boasted of a spectacular quality, dynamic performance and superior features that help them deliver a particular purpose for which they are made. Jib Crane is one of the most preferred equipment that is used in cinematography. These are actually versatile as they help to produce a range of unique effects in a scene.

In particular, Jib Crane is a large-sized crane works a bit as a see-saw. On this crane, a DSLR or video camera is positioned at its one end; however on its opposite side, a counterweight is being used that help balancing the camera. Every professional Jib is capable of raising the camera up to 10 feet height on standard and 16 feet if using an extension.

The Jib Crane contributes creating limitless camera effects as with it, the videographer can include a drama in the shoots, or can get extreme low angles or high angles in shots, or can develop superb scene transitions, shoot flawless motion on any barriers or can make artistic shots. So, we see how exceptional Jib Crane is in cinematography and it is a reason, a number of professionals are tending towards grabbing this equipment for their studios.

If you are looking for a professional Jib Crane at a good price range, then BnW Collections can be a perfect place to shop with. As we provide high-end photography devices across the world, we have become the most trusted online supplier for Jib Crane as well as other photography equipment.

Kingjoy Aluminum Mini Jib Crane

Status:  In Stock

The VM-301C mini jib crane is designed for DSLR cameras. This retractable jib crane can be quickly and easily set up. You won't miss any chances to catch every critical moment. By removing the include..

Mini Jib Crane Carbon Fiber

Status:  In Stock

It is a portable variable-length jib designed for DSLR cameras. This retractable jib can be quickly and easily setup, adjusted and breakdown. You won’t miss any chances to catch every critical moment...

Tilt Jib 2

Status:  In Stock

The Varavon TILT JIB T2 6.2 ft MiniJIB is a light and compact wire pulley type crane with a maximum load capacity of 6.6 lb. It comes with two arms (No.1 Arm at 37" and No. 3 Arm at 35"), pu..

Tilt Jib 3

Status:  In Stock

Unlike many portable jibs, the new Varavon Tilt Jibs. Can actually tilt the camera when performing vertical movements to keep your subject in frame. Smart and light JIB. Mounted on tripod. Wire pulley..

Tilt Jib 1

Status:  In Stock

The Varavon TILT JIB T1 3.3 ft MiniJIB is a portable, single-bar jib system fully operable by one person. It attaches to a tripod or slider via a tripod mount plate on the back, and your cam..

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