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Tips & Tricks 23/04/2019

5 Tips for Street Photography in Pakistan

If you are someone who loves random incidents and encounters then do try Street photography in Pakistan. It is about capturing random events in front of your eyes. Street photography doesn’t mean that you have to hold your camera in narrow streets and capture whatever you see.

Reviews 09/02/2017

Aperture – In terms Of Lenses

An aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels. Let’s say an Aperture is Not Just some part of a lens but has many more uses, in Optical mice and where most commonly used,

Tips & Tricks 15/03/2019

Essential Products for Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography has grain a lot of attention in recent times. This method is used to capture light trails, moon movements, or capture rockets going up in the sky. It is a great option in situations when there is low light. This type of photography is used to show a lot of things in a short am

Just For Fun 05/03/2019

How to use Reflectors in Portrait Photography

A reflector is an important piece of equipment in photography; it is used to reflect light. It doesn't create the light; instead, it redirects it, or sometimes, it can redirect from a studio strobe. It is essential to fully understand the concept of reflectors for two major reasons.

Tips & Tricks 09/02/2019

Importance of Tripods in Photography

A Tripods will leave your hands free from burden, which makes it easier for you to adjust the lens and work on camera settings. You can set the camera on a tripod and leave the area, or you can put it where you don’t want to stand such as in water.

Just For Fun 19/08/2022

National Camera Day 2023 - Things Everyone Should Know!

Every year on June 29th, we observe National Camera Day, a day dedicated to cameras, photographers, and their work. The day honors the invention of cameras and the benefits they provide to mankind. A camera is an essential tool for recording and replaying memories, events, people, and places. Photog

News 27/07/2019

Scope of Photography in Pakistan

Since last 5 years, the scope of photography in Pakistan has increased dramatically. Nowadays, every other household has someone who wants a camera to capture breathing photos and videos. People want photography not only as a hobby but also a career choice.

Just For Fun 25/11/2020

What it's like to be filming on favors!

For starters, you'll need a good script that a lot of people will agree to do for little or no money.. it'll take weeks to fine tune something like that. Many many phone calls, lots of embarrassing NOs and a great deal of unsolicited advice

Just For Fun 03/08/2022

Will Smartphones Kill off The DSLR?

Smartphone cameras and DSLRs have grown in different directions over the last few years. Sony predicts that by 2024, the phone image quality will surpass that of single-lens reflex competitors. Therefore, it is possible that phones will replace cameras.

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