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Reflectors are one of the most commonly used photography and studio equipment among modern professional photographers. These are used to control light while shooting portrait images. These reflectors are actually a wonderful solution for portraits. There are several brands that manufacture reflectors and BnW Collections bring in the best quality of reflectors from the leading and local brands of the world. As we provide high-end photography solutions at a single platform, the professionals prefer us the most when it comes to buying any sort of photography related requirement. In reflectors, we have an exclusive range available to offer to our customers. So, whenever you need to add reflectors to your photography kit, then don’t forget to choose us as your supplier for reflectors as we provide each of our products at the best price and at the superior quality.

Check out our dedicated section for reflectors and see how amazing variety of this equipment we possess. We have reflectors in varied sizes, colors, and shapes. So, depending on your need, you can easily pick a preferred reflector for the photo shoots.

The usage of these reflectors is quite common among veteran photographers. They use it for their outdoor shootings or if they are shooting indoors with natural lighting. At a time, when you feel the light is too strong and affecting your shots, then go for reflectors to balance the lights. In addition, while shooting in the sunny environment, you may have noticed the harsh shadows which appear under the chin, nose. So, when you have reflectors on both the sides, these shadows will automatically be disappeared and the result will appear as the best shots.

So, reflectors are phenomenal in outdoor shooting. Hence, they are considered as the best attachment to the photography kit for professionals. Need to buy the reflectors for your studio? Contact BnW Collections right away.

7 in 1 Collapsible Reflector 90 by 120 cm7 in 1 Collapsible Reflector 90 by 120 cm

7 in 1 Collapsible Reflector 90 by 120 cm

7 in 1 Collapsible Disc Reflector 90 by 120 cmThis 7 in 1 disc reflector is 90x120 cm. This frame h..

₨.6,000.00 Ex Tax: ₨.6,000.00

Reflector 2 in 1 60cm by 90cmReflector 2 in 1 60cm by 90cm

Reflector 2 in 1 60cm by 90cm

Great for taking portraits, close-ups, still life, photography etc.Suitable for outdoor or studio us..

₨.1,600.00 Ex Tax: ₨.1,600.00

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