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Pixco Universal Lambency Diffuser

Pixco Universal Lambency Diffuser

Pixco Universal Lambency Diffuser

  • Product Code: LDD-01
  • Reward Points: 100
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  • Delievery Status: 2 To 3 Days
  • ₨.900.00

The Pixco diffuser is very easy to use, simply fits directly over your flash without the need for cumbersome attachments/Velcro straps etc: It is specifically designed for a perfect fit to your flash.
The Pixco flash diffuser would be an ideal tool for shotting warn mood photos.

1.Quality Pixco diffuser - designed to solve the harsh light produced by flash units allowing you to take better photos.
2.Creates an even density across the surface of the object
3.Flash specific, designed for a prefect fit.
4.Completed in boxed retail packaging

Work For:
Most camera flashes

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