2-Axis Digital Gyro Stabilizer Carbon Fiber

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2-Axis Digital Gyro Stabilizer Carbon Fiber Price & Specs

Now you can put your DSLR or any other camera on Gyro Stabilizer. This 2 Axis stabilizer gives you the comfortable and proper tame for the camera. The gyroscope is made up of carbon fiber.  This stabilizer is beneficial in many ways like detecting angular velocity of the camera in 3 dimension space, calculating the acceleration of camera in 3D space, amazing stability of the stabilizer provides you the ease in capturing complex motion tasks. This stabilizer has the capability for all kind of unstable movements.  There is a motor inside this stabilizer which is powered by lithium battery and equipped with sensors.  These sensors with given parameter and application are able to control pitch.  One can easily change the speed according to its requirement and comfort; speed will enhance the illusion in 3d space.  This cinematographer’s tool is quite cheap from previous technologies.

In order to start the stabilizer you have to insert a battery and hold it for few seconds. Gyro Stabilizer will first go through its inspection, after completion of the entire checkup you are ready to capture anything you want.  The balance of any imaging device is simple as it is done by adjusting the base plate.  This stabilizer has twin handles which helps in firm grip and the center of gravity assurance make it a perfect product as stabilizer.  The beautifully smooth surface, with normal and stable mechanism  allows you to take stable shots whatever rough motion it is.  Such kind of unique features make this gyro stabilizer the favorite among stabilizers. The Key features of this device are listed below.

·         Very light weight and made up of high strength carbon fiber.

·         Easy to use and quite movements.

·         Can balance DSLR size camera easily.

·         Provided with different modes like Roll, Follow Mode, YAW etc.

·         Motor can bear up to 2.5 KG.

·         Touting accuracy is about (+/- 0.05)

·         Smooth images due to intelligent vibration canceller system.

·         Work smooth and quietly.

·         Built in lens stabilizer makes it possible to take slow down shutter speed.

·         Perfect for shooting inside vehicle, aircraft and helicopter etc.

Technical specifications of the device are

·         Size is 410x300x260(mm).

·         Weight is about 1.9 kilogram.

·         The inside camera frame is about 180mm.

·         2.5 kg load capacity.

·         100mm Max lenses support.

·         Angle range is 0-120 degrees.

·         Battery time about 1 hour.

·         Available colors are carbon fiber, flashpoint blue and gunmetal.

One will get these items for free while purchasing this device.

·         2 Axis Gyro digital stabilizers.

·         One battery charger.

·         One lithium battery.


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