3 Color Pop-up Flash Diffuser

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3 Color Pop-up Flash Diffuser Price & Specs

Diffuser is mainly used to form exposures of flat density above the whole film surface. It can be used by placing the flush in front of lens and rendering through it. When light passes through diffuser on the surface of film will form a leveled density on film’s surface.

Flash without this diffuser straight on and causes light to go ahead only by creating a shadow behind subject. On the other hand flash installed with our diffuser and tilted at an angle of 45 degrees provides a soft wrap around the light with a shadow at the back of subject. It usually adjusts clearly over the head of existing flash; there is no need of other attachments.

It spreads light over large area for softer and gives a natural effect. You didn’t use it before for sure. Hard shadows can be reduced by using our diffuser and it also helps to eliminate the irritating reddish eye effect.


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