Beauty Dish With Grid 70cm

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Beauty Dish with Grid 70cm Price & Specs

The beauty dish having 70cm size radar reflector/Light control is in professional productions in fashion and beauty area or other hardly imagines shootings.

  • This light describes it a mixture of soft box and standard reflector.
  • It means that it’s not hard standard reflector and not soft as in a soft box.
  • The light control scatters the light uniformly and gently at an angle of 120 degrees and reflects the light to the middle at the same time.
  • A small area is created which is more enlightened. The light is perfectly exploited with inner silver coating.
  •  This effect distorted by the Honeycomb Grid. It means light is more directed towards the center while the outer regions are comparatively darker.
  • Large area which illuminated.
  • Brighter light in the center, focused.
  • Handy for portrait photography.
  • Honeycomb Grid.

Technical details:

·         It has 70cm diameter.
Inner coating is of silver color.
Mount: Bowens.

Package Includes:

  • One beauty dish light creating Radar.
  • One Honeycomb Grid.
  • One diffuser.


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