Double Distance Video Slider

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Double Distance Video Slider Price & Specs


Length: 500MM

Height:  60MM

Sliding Distance: 1M

Loading: 8KG

Net Weight: 1.85KG 

Main Features:

1.    Sliding stopper built-in

2.    Conceptionally retractable and twice as original sliding distance. 

3.    Super smooth track design and transporting belt.

4.    3/8 and ¼ screws built-in the bottom used for connecting with the tripod. 

5.    ¼ and 3/8 screws built-in at the top for connecting to the ball-head

6.    Has 8pcs of ball bearing design and multiple adjusting ways of sliding. 

7.    High perception and CNC techniques

8.    Built-in spirit level 

A creative design of retractable video slider CS-V500 is very durable. It can move twice more than an original sliding distance of 500m and filmmakers are pretty satisfied with its functionality. It has a very smooth transporting design which leads to easy shooting practice. For adjusting the sliding doing small and big tools are also included in the set.


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