Godox AD600BM Manual Strobe (Bowens Mount)

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Godox AD600BM Manual Strobe (Bowens Mount) Price & Specs

BnW Collections is where you can find latest Godox AD600BM Manual Strobe Price in Pakistan. When your photos are dark, try this outdoor flash to brighten them. It comes with a lithium battery pack that gives you up to 500 flashes per charge. This Godox model works fine with all popular brands like Canon, Nikon, and Sony. It comes with Wireless options to help you organize on busy outdoor projects. It has a range of 100M and gives 10W Powerful flash.

Godox AD600BM Manual Strobe has stable color temperature and comes with various settings. It can also sync with camera-and-external flash to help you achieve perfection. Photography and Filmmaking are all about light, and if you have the right equipment to light-up your work, you will go very far in your profession. Godox AD600BM Manual Strobe comes with Bowens mount and various accessories to assist you in indoor/outdoor projects. 

  • 600Ws studio quality flash unit with built-in battery
  • Up to 500 full power flashes from one charge
  • Bowens S-Mount
  • Built-in 2.4G X1 Radio Remote System
  • Integrated professional 11.1V/8700mAh lithium Battery Pack
  • Fan Cooled
  • 10W LED Modelling Light (Adjustable)
  • 0.01 – 2.5 Seconds Recycle Time
  • Range – 100m + with X1 as Transmitter


AD600BM All-in-One Outdoor Flash is powerful and portable with professional lithium battery pack. Built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system. it supports Canon, Nikon and SONY systems with great compatibility. AD600BM has a Bowens mount with a large range of accessories and modifiers.

Built-in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System Optical and 2.4G wireless transmission to offer stable output. 

When using Godox 2.4G wireless X system. AD600/AD600B is compatible with Canon E-TTL II autoflash. Nikon i-TTL autoflash. SONY etc.

As a slave unit. AD600BM/AD600B can be used in combination with 

Godox camera flash, outdoor flash and studio flash.

Wireless Remote Control and Triggering

Use Godox 2.4G wireless X system for full wireless control of the unit. 

There are 3.5mm sync cord jack and wireless control port to achieve multiple triggering methods.

Strong Power and Abundant Functions AD600BM has 600Ws and GN87 (rn ISO 100. with AD-R7 standard reflector). Stable color temperature at 5600±200K over the entire power range. 25 steps of power adjustment (1/1 to 1/256) offer better lights effects. Flash exposure compensation, 1/8000s high speed sync, first-curtain sync, second-curtain sync, manual flash, multi flash, C.Fn custom functions, etc. 

Professional Lithium Battery Pack with Great Flexibility 

Professional lithium battery pack has large capacity (11.1V/8700mAh) to provide 500 full power flashes and recycle in 0.01-2.5 second. DC/AC are both applicable. (change to AC alternating current module after lithium battery pack detached)

Useful and Handheld Flash Head

Purchase a H600 portable flash head (sold separately) to fire flashes with great convenience. Two AD600 flashes can be connected to a H1200 portable flash head (sold separately) to achieve 1200W power output. 

As PB-600 portable bag is designed with reclosable cover, it is easy to adjust the flash's parameters and effective to avoid rain and dust simultaneously.

AD600B adopts Bowens mount with varies of accessories a. great compatibility. 

-> Godox AD600BM Manual Strobe (Bowens Mount)

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