GoPro Floating Hand Grip

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GoPro Floating Hand Grip Price & Specs

The Revo Floating Hand Grip for GoPro from Revo not only provides a handy way to shoot hand-held with a GoPro
It is buoyant enough to keep your camera plus an LCD BacPac safely afloat if dropped in the water.
The handgrip's extra-large diameter and wide ridges enable enhanced handling, even with cold or wet hands.
A bright yellow paint scheme maximizes visibility, and a wrist strap is included for added security.
Adjustable Wrist Strap
The wrist strap acts as a safety tether for your GoPro
Preventing it from falling in the water if you accidentally let go.
The wrist strap is adjustable and locks down for safety and comfort
Optimal Visibility
The handgrip is brilliant yellow to offer optimal visibility for finding your GoPro if it falls in the waves
Enhanced Grip
An extra-large diameter and wide ridges provide an enhanced grip, even with cold or wet hands
Compatible with the GoPro Wrench
After fastening the thumbscrews by hand, use a GoPro wrench (available separately) to further tighten and strengthen The mounting connection
Camera Compatibility
The Floating Handgrip works with any housing or frame for the GoPro HERO line that uses GoPro's standard three-prong Mounting system.
This includes many third-party options that adhere to GoPro's standard.


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