Kingjoy VM-150 Professional 150cm 1.5m Slider

Brand: Kingjoy
Product Code: VM-150
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Kingjoy VM-150 Professional 150cm 1.5m Slider Price & Specs

The Kingjoy 150cm Slider is a video stabilising system designed for DSLR film making in mind. It allows you to produce smooth, gliding footage of every scene you record. It reduces shakes and stabilises your video footage. It can be used with all types of cameras and camcorders.

You can attach the slider to a tripod which allows you to get similar shots to if you were using a small jib. The slider can be used in various different orientations, including upside down, diagonally and even vertically.

The slider carriage also has a 3/8" thread so you attach any standard tripod head, which allows you to get shots at various different angles and orientations. The legs of the slider are detachable so you can use it on table tops. They are fully adjustable so you can keep it steady on uneven surfaces. The slider also has a built in spirit level so you can always see if the slider is level.

The slider is made from aviation grade aluminium, which can assure you that the slider is strong but light, the slider can support a level load of 5kg and a vertical load of 4kg. Due to the aviation grade aluminium the rails are straight, making the sliding motion stable and smooth.

Attachment Type: 3/8" Thread
Weight: 3.46kg
Dimensions (LxW): 1500 x 400mm
Maximum Level Load: 5kg
Maximum Vertical Load: 4kg


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