Light Tent Product Photography 80cm (Large)

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Light Tent Product Photography 80cm (Large) Price & Specs

Professional Indoor Photography Tent (80 x 80 x 80cm) The light tent makes it extremely simple to help you take great quality, professional digital photos right from your own tabletop studio.

The tent filters the light to prevent shadows and reflections on shiny objects, gives a clean professional backdrop to all items.

It can be lit by flash, fluorescent, tungsten, flood lights and quartz.

The tent enables you to control where and how light falls on to your product. This fantastic and top quality light tent is suitable for use with all light sources including natural daylight, household lamps or photographic 'daylight emulation' lighting.

Ideal for online sellers, photography lovers and collectors The detachable front door cover with camera lens slit is ideal for taking shoots for highly reflective objects such as silver and glass.

The tent includes four background cloths (Black/White/Blue/Red) to cover the back and floor of the light tent and are held in position by Velcro fasteners The four background provide a choice of non-reflective 'infinity backdrop' colors for your objects.

A spring wire supporting frame sewn into the light tent fabric allows the pop-up tent to be folded flat within its carrying bag for easy cube storage and great space saving.

  • Includes 4 additional cloths: Black/White/Blue/Red
  • Includes storage bag with handle
  • Size: 80 x 80 x 80cm
  • Tent filters light to provide professional photos


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