Phottix Cleon II Wire/Wireless Remote set C8

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Phottix Cleon II Wire/Wireless Remote set C8 Price & Specs

The PHOTTIX® CLEON II can be used with a wide variety of cameras – just plug in a suitable cable to the receiver. Complete list of connecting cables available is provided below. The transmitter has a single button to activate the camera’s shutter, a mode switch and a retractable antenna. The receiver can be attached to the hot shoe of the camera (facing forwards or backwards), or simply be placed alongside. Like the transmitter, the receiver has a shutter release button. The remote’s shutter release button functions similarly to that of the camera’s: a half press initiates autofocus on the camera and a complete press of the button takes a snap.

The function selector allows selecting between three different modes:

S/B - single exposures or bulb mode
2S - single exposures with a 2 second delay
Continious - multiple exposures

Moving the receiver mode switch to “Hold” allows it to be used for bulb-mode (long exposures) without having to hold the shutter button pressed all the time.  When using the receiver as a wired remote, there is no need to power it on.


EOS 10D/20D/30D
40D/50D/5D/5D Mark II/5D Mark III/7D/6D
1D 1Ds Mark I-IV


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