Step Up & Down Ring Complete Set (18pcs)

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Step Up & Down Ring Complete Set (18pcs) Price & Specs

37mm-49mm-52mm-55mm-58mm-62mm-67mm-72mm-77mm-82 mm
82mm-77mm-72mm-67mm-62mm-58mm-55mm-52mm-49mm-37 mm

Allow you to use lens filters and accessories that are not the same size as your camera lens
Lenses and filters come in different sizes and models, they don't always fit together correctly,but this step up and step down filter will solve this matter

Brand New and High Quality
Ultra-low chemical residues, attached to a solid
Special aviation aluminum alloy, high strength, impact resistance, twist and pressure
Font Handling: Font clear mission, silk screening of non-mimeo, attached to a solid
Surface treatment: high-mesh sand blasting machine and color quality pure matte black or silver

How adapter rings work
Step up rings provide a way to fit larger diameter filters or accessories onto a smaller lens
Step down rings provide a way to attach smaller filters or accessories to a larger lenses

Package Includes:

1 X 37-49mm step-up ring          
1 X 49-52mm step-up ring
1 X 52-55mm step-up ring
1 X 55-58mm step-up ring    
1 X 58-62mm step-up ring
1 X 62-67mm step-up ring
1 X 67-72mm step-up ring
1 X 72-77mm step-up ring
1 X 77-82mm step-up ring

1 X 82-77mm step-down ring
1 X 77-72mm step-down ring
1 X 72-67mm step-down ring
1 X 67-62mm step-down ring
1 X 62-58mm step-down ring
1 X 58-55mm step-down ring
1 X 55-52mm step-down ring
1 X 52-49mm step-down ring
1 X 49-37mm step-down ring

-> Step Up & Down Ring Complete Set (18pcs)

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