Super Grip for Autopole

Product Code: GP-SUPER
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  • ₨.7,000.00

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Super Grip for Autopole Price & Specs

  • All metal manufacturing, cast iron material, durable, bite force and bearing capacity, lighting equipment and photographers necessary accessories;
  • This alligator clip uses high-strength spring to ensure the firmness of use, and distributes 1 stainless steel top grain with 16mm joint;
  • The clip is made of strip-shaped wear-resistant anti-slip design, which can play a role in increasing friction and anti-skid protection.
  • The opening can be adjusted by the anti-cold anti-skid knob, so that the opening can be adjusted to better adapt to the thickness or diameter of the object to be clamped, so that the clamping is tighter;
  • Large opening up to 100mm, can be used with more professional film and video accessories;


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