VSGO Camera Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit

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Product Code: VS-S03E
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VSGO Camera Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit Price & Specs

VSGO Full-frame sensor cleaning kit Situate for cleaning the full-frame camera sensor, removing oil, dust, dirt, etc. from the surface of the camera sensor. Effective decontamination with sensor damage. Contents: Full Frame Sensor: 12mm x 12pcs; Sensor Cleaner 0.3 fl oz * 1 unit How to Use: 1. Turn on the camera cleaning mode and use the air blower to remove dust and particles from the sensor surface. 2. Drip 1 drop of sensor cleaner onto the swab. 3. Hold the swab in the air for 10 seconds. 4. Insert the swab into the chamber and form the cleaning face with the sensor surface. 5. Using one side of the swab, firmly drag it across the sensor. Repeat in the opposite direction using the clean side of the swab. 6.

  • Cleaning swab size 25mm, perfect fit for APS-C sensor.
  • Super soft swab head, anti-scratch, let cleaning safer.
  • 100% dust free, vacuum packed, portable and clean shop produced.
  • Cleaner, safe to clean, optical coating care.
  • Cleaner equipped with dust cap, to avoid liquid contamination,


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