VSGO Hurricane Air Blower with Built-in Dust Filter

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VSGO Hurricane Air Blower With Built-in Dust Filter Price & Specs

Revolutionary Air Filtration

Many users are complaining about that traditional air blower blows dust onto the surface of their equipment. It is because dust is entering into the body of air blower during the air intake process.

VSGO adopts air filtration technology on camera air blower. Built-in air filtration blocks dust and other pollutants from entering into the body of the air blower. Clean air enters into the air blower, and dust-free air comes out. New air filtration technology helps users to clean their equipment more effectively and efficiently.

There are five replaceable air filters included in the package. We recommend replacing the air filter every 6 months. You could also reuse the air filter by washing it in cold pure water and air dry.

One-Way Air Flow

Traditionally, air blower intakes air through its nozzle. Both dust and other pollutants enter into the air blower together with air, then blow back onto the equipment and causing new contamination.

Unlike traditional air blowers, VSGO air blower (V-B02) has 14 air inlets built on the side of the air blower. These inlets make sure enough air entering into the body of air blower to generate a powerful air stream. The built-in one-way airflow valve blocks any contaminated air from the nozzle. It only allows airflow through the 14 air inlets and makes sure only dust filtered air can enter into the air blower.

Different Sizes of Nozzles Meet Different Cleaning Needs

The package includes two different sizes of nozzles. The short nozzle is for the easily accessible areas such as the lens and the body of the camera. The long nozzle is for those hard to reach areas such as the sensor and the mirror of the camera.

Suction Cup Provides Stability

The suction cup at the bottom of the air blower can stick on any smooth surface. It provides extra convenience and stability to users and prevents air blower from accidentally falling over and rotating.

Key Features:

  • Builtin one-way airflow valve and air filter stop dust from entering into air blower
  • Two switchable nozzles can be used for cleaning different devices
  • Suction cup and anti rolling design stop air blower from accidentally falling over and rotating
  • Premium silicone is durable and easy to clean
  • Package Includes 2 nozzles and 5 replaceable Air filters


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