Wondlan Sniper 1.4

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Wondlan Sniper 1.4 Price & Specs

  • Make full use of ergonomics. This perfect design makes “Sniper” to be the best DSLR anti-shake system.

  • Operate DSLR in habitual way. Completely solved the inconveniences caused by DSLR shooting.

  • Extend your camera to any angle in any direction. No matter whether overhead, high angel or low angle shooting, you can shoot stably and comfortably.

  • Combined by a variety of ways. It provides more shooting ways that makes your works to have vision impact and be more innovative.

  •  Used with professional equipments such as lens hood, follow focus, viewfinder, photoflood lamp, external display, batteries and so on, allowing you to be a Hollywood master.

  • Manufactured by international advanced CNC with high-strength and light-weight aerospace aluminum. It’s a wonderful shooting partner with exquisite technique and high-end quality.


As we all know, HD video has been the most popular feature in digital SLR industry, from Nikon D90 to Canon EOS 5D Mark II and then to subsequent models such as the latest 7D, D300S and so on. The CCD / COMS imaging areas of DSLR are far larger than that of DV. Also DSLRs have various kinds of lenses that DV can not compare. Video function of DSLR allows cameras and camcorders to be one, greatly facilitating the shooting needs, and bring convenience to filming news, wedding and conference.

But DSLR also have some disadvantages for video shooting:

At present, no matter whether Nikon or Canon SLR video, poor body anti-shake function is a big problem.

2. Being disgusted with the video SLR to some traditional cameramen, photographers is the operating habit. Ergonomics in taking photos and taking video are completely different; there is always inconvenience in filming video with camera. 

To resolve the two disadvantages of the technical innovation, allow video SLR perfectly to be photographers’ shooting new weapon, America WONDLAN Ltd launches "shooter” series DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) support system. Making use of body mechanics, it greatly improves stabilization of DSLR (digital single-lens reflex), allowing photographers to operate DSLR in habitual way and shoot high-quality images comparable to Hollywood blockbusters’.

Wondlan Sniper series DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) rigs are designed according to the theory of ergonomics and aesthetics. It greatly improves the stabilization of DSLR, allows video maker to operate DSLR in habitual way and shoot high-quality image and video.


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