Wondlan WF01 Wireless Follow Focus

Brand: Wondlan
Product Code: WF01
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Wondlan WF01 Wireless Follow Focus Price & Specs

  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Remote focusing or zooming, independently from the camera moves.
  • 4 memory buttons that record 4 different focusing points that replay and combine willfully.
  • Replay speed knob to adjust the speed between focusing points.
  • Infrared shutter key for remote start/stop control of the camera.
  • Up to 300m linear-sight transmission range on a wireless radio frequency.
  • Durable, sturdy construction, all components are made from aluminum
  • Motor and receiver mounting brackets equipped with quick-release 15mm clamps for fast installation.
  • Included aluminum case with customized foam padding interior that accommodates all the kit components


A Wireless Follow Focus unit is a device that assists the camera operators in adjusting the focus or focal distance (zoom) of the camera shooting remotely. It is a great alternative to the conventional focusing systems, being suitable for various camcorders and DSLR cameras. The Wireless Follow Focus can be used along with matching camera control gear like DSLR rigs, sliders, Steadycam kits, cranes/ jibs / dolly, Easy Rigs etc.

The Wondland Wireless Follow Focus KIT (WF01) has a transmission range up to 300m in outdoor open area, without any wall blocking. The device functions on a wireless radio frequency, without the interference of ordinary frequency range.

The controller features 4 memory buttons to record different focusing points that can be used repeatedly and also can be randomly switched and combined willfully. The replay speed knob adjusts the moving speed between the focusing points in order to meet different shooting requirements. The infrared shutter button located in the center of the wireless controller replaces the camera shutter and provides remote shooting (or start/stop recording) of the subject from the desired distance. The focusing knob enables a smooth and accurate operation for high quality and valuable results.


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