Wondlan Wireless Monitor with Follow Focus

Brand: Wondlan
Product Code: WFM01
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Wondlan Wireless Monitor with Follow Focus Price & Specs

  • Wireless HDMI Transmission up to 30m
  • Wireless Follow Focus Distance up to 300m
  • Save up to 4 positions
  • Stepless speed adjusting
  • Easy installation and adjusting


How would it be for you to see, what are you doing? Find it out! We’ve combined our high definition monitor together with our popular wireless follow focus in one product. The Wireless Monitor with Follow Focus is the best choice for all who want to be the hero of the focus and image direction. The key-fact to use this system is balance. If you use manual follow focus adjusting on steadycams when moving camera shooting, it will definitely be affected and causing the shake and waggle of the frames. Also at manual sliders you can not get smooth shoots together with a manual follow focus. Or have you ever tried to use a manual follow focus on cranes? Don’t think about. It doesn’t work really fine. The Wireless Monitor with Follow Focus from WONDLAN is easy to set up and comfortable to handle. Just install the wireless follow focus unit at the lenses of your camera, the HDMI stick at the HDMI port of your camera and you can start to control your images. The follow focus can be used for a distance up to 300m. Together with the HDMI stick for images you can work in a distance up to 15m. Also the Wireless Follow Focus with Monitor provides four memory presets and the record button to remote the shutter of your camera. With the replay speed button you can adjust the speed between two positions or while turning the large control knob. The ergonomic case is perfect for long shoots and comfortable usage..


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