Zhiyun Smooth-X Pro Combo Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

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Zhiyun Smooth-X Pro Combo Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer Price & Specs

if you are looking for a gimbal with smart stabilization, there couldn't be any brand better than Zhiyun in this price range. Zhiyun smooth x pro combo price in Pakistan is not just affordable, but ideal for beginners and professionals alike. BnW collections introducing zhiyun smooth x pro combo in Pakistan means content creators have more options to improve content quality. This outstanding gimbal comes with gesture control and a battery than lasts more than 5 hours. You can charge the gimbal with a power bank while travelling. zhiyun smooth x pro combo price in Pakistan and its features are nothing shot of a miracle. This gimbal offers you professional editing and is compatible with most operation systems currently available in the market. It comes with smart design and a foldable packet size 2-axis motorized recording feature. You can extend from 10 to 20” by unfolding telescopic selfie stick. It works on both horizontal and verticalorientations. There is a 1/4"-20 mounting thread that can help you attach a mini tripod. If you areshort on the budget and need a quality gimbal for recording your next blog, get it without thinking twice. BnW collection is one of the companies introducing zhiyun smooth x pro combo in Pakistan We want people to have smart solutions that work for locals.

1.  Beautiful design, lightweight, foldable, can be folded to the size of a palm Take it everywhere Can be picked up and used anytime

Beautiful design Designed for the new generation. There are two colors, white and black. Compact hand grip Control buttons on the handle Extendable length Almost a ruler Lightweight, not a burden. Only 246 grams. Foldable in small size as a palm. Can carry in the bag, not taking up space Will be picked up and used easily and conveniently anywhere anytime

2.  Reduce the limitations of photography, but add more fun to a wider shooting angle. Lengthen the wood to prevent shaking

Add a wider perspective Extend the camera Change the camera view as you wish. By adjusting the anti-shake stick Can store more images Still shooting is not stable. Video recording can be more fun. Regardless of shooting with friends Or photography for travel reviews can be done

3.  Rotate to adjust direction Smooth movement, freestyle. Easy to control, not complicated. 

Rotate to adjust direction Freestyle camera angles with Pan following mode, Locking mode, Roll and pan folling mode,  and also easy to control. With a ergonomic handle With a button to control the movement of the rotation direction 

4.  Create exciting and unique videos, support for Slowmotion, Timelapes, Panorama

Easily create unique video footage by mobile. Zhiyun Smooth X supports Slowmotion, Timelapes, Panorama filming to make videos stand out. Can store many impressive forms

5.  Focus on capturing the subject. No video. Look good, professional quality. 

With the Intelligent Tracking feature that allows video recording Can do it Focus does not come out of the desired object Regardless of the direction of movement Therefore helps to provide high video performance High quality video work, professional look 

6.  Editing, grading, coloring or adding soundtrack. Can do on mobile now.

Professional video editing, including hand filming, color grading, or sound fill, can also be done on mobile too. The functions provided with Zhiyun Smooth X make video production easier. Decrease during work And save more time too

7.  Fast video creation Easy in a few minutes because there are Smart Template to choose from.

Zhiyun Smooth X can create beautiful, fast, easy video with Smart Template that makes video work easy and fun. Answering to the problem of being easily accessible to users of all ages. 

8.  Convenient for taking pictures Including video content 

Zhiyun Smooth X helps to shoot still images that are still stable, so the front camera and back camera can shoot clearly, sharp, and the handle is retractable. Or walking to talk, such as travel reviews The camera is moved There is movement, but the focus is still free. Therefore responding to both still photography Shooting movies or videos 

9. Just spread the palm out Can control the photography and video already

Control camera operations And start shooting with a remote command Just open the palm and command the photo shoot. And start video work More convenient No need to split the screen to start work Arrange the angles as you like, and work with this gesture. 

10. The  camera from any mobile phone can work on both iOS and Android.

No matter which mobile phone you use, you can use it with Zhiyun Smooth X because it supports both iOS and Android operating systems.

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