The aerial imaging & drones are the latest trend growing for making low-altitude photography. Drones are lightweight helicopter remote-controlled devices that help to capture and shooting videos from the sky. The aerial imaging solution enables the professional videographers to make stunning shots that are used in a range of video production like construction videos, real estate recordings, films, and action-sports. So, depending on the purpose, the professionals have to get a good drone for aerial imaging.

To buy aerial imaging & drones, there are many companies available in the market; however, finding the best quality of these devices can be a challenge for many. Therefore, we suggest you rely on a reputed name in the market like BnW Collections. Buying aerial imaging & drones from this company ensure the buyers for satisfactory performance and great outcomes using them. So, whenever you need a professional videography solution for any of your videography or filmography project, choose BnW Collections as your ultimate supplier for all sorts of videography requirements.

BnW Collections is a specialty shop for all professional and renowned videographers. We are a Karachi Pakistan-based photography equipment supplier who is trusted by the veteran professionals. So, whenever you seek aerial imaging & drones for capturing exclusive photo shots, look no further, but BnW Collections is the best online platform to shop with.


DJI Inspire 2 with X5s Camera

Status:  In Stock

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:AIRCRAFTModel: Inspire 2Weight:7.25 lbs (3290 g, including two batteries, without gimbal and camera)Diagonal Distance(propeller excluded):18 inch (605 mm, Landing Mode)Max Takeoff W..

DJI Mavic Pro

Status:  In Stock

DJI Mavic Pro: There is a technology named as OcuSync that is a long range technology and it is capable of relaying the signal upto 4.3 miles. This 4.3 miles distance can be achieved when th..

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

Status:  In Stock

DJI Mavi Pro Fly More Combo: The major highlights of this product are Transmission technolog: OcuSync.Stabilized by: Gimbal.Camera: 12MP/4K camera.Control Range: 4.3 milesFlight Time: 27 mi..

DJI Phantom 4 Pro QuadCopter

Status:  In Stock

DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO Key Features of the Product 1" 20MP CMOS SensorGimbal-Stabilized 4K60 / 20MP ImagingFlight Autonomy with Redundant SensorsFour Directions of Obstacle AvoidanceTop Speed of..

DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Quadcopter

Status:  In Stock

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus – A Dynamic Product For An Advanced Professional Photography Kit! Main features of the Product 1" 20MP CMOS SensorGimbal-Stabilized 4K60 / 20MP ImagingFlightAut..

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

Status:  In Stock

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter With a sleek new design and magnesium unibody construction, a dynamic range of enhancing video Modes and avoidance sensor dynamic with two points of contact gimbal ..

DJI Inspire 1 V2 Quadcopter with 4K Camera

Status:  In Stock

DJI Inspire 1 V2 Quadcopter with 4k Camera and 3 Axis Gimbal: This camera can capture video upto 4k and the still picture of 12 megapixels from air.  In order to fix the landing gear d..

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter with 4K Camera

Status:   Out of Stock

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter with 4K Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal You can turn on the Phantom 3 motor with just one tap of DJI Pilot app and will set it to default set height. It will th..

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