Square Filters Set (15pcs)

Square Filters Set (15pcs)

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Product Code: SF-001

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Package ContainsSquare Filters ND2Square Filters ND4Square Filters ND8Square Filters Gradual coffeeSquare Filters Gradual blueSquare Filters yellowSquare Filters Gradual ND2Square Filters Gradual ND4Square Filters Gradual SunsetAdopter 52mmAdopter 58...

Package Contains

  • Square Filters ND2
  • Square Filters ND4
  • Square Filters ND8
  • Square Filters Gradual coffee
  • Square Filters Gradual blue
  • Square Filters yellow
  • Square Filters Gradual ND2
  • Square Filters Gradual ND4
  • Square Filters Gradual Sunset
  • Adopter 52mm
  • Adopter 58mm
  • Adopter 67mm
  • Adopter 77mm
  • Filter Holder
  • Filter Case (6 pocket)

Product Description
The slice gradient mirror using high-quality organic glass (resin) materials, workmanship is very authentic, the color is very uniform, packaging is also very fine, is absolutely fine, to come up with a good picture, spend the least money at the same time, Zomei insert gradient mirror is absolutely the best choice for you!
Card can also insert 3 pieces, in combination, create a surprising effect! Lens is a wide-angle lens, please contact customer service, seat free for the wide-angle lens special card. Wide-angle card can only be inserted a piece of square. 

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